Thursday, October 29, 2009

About This Blog

If you are wondering about the title, it makes reference to a special tea very popular in Argentina: yerba mate (maté \ˈmä-ˌtā\ in English). In Argentina, matear (drinking mate) is a social activity, someting you often do among friends sharing stories. To avoid confusion, I'll write matein italics in rest of this article.

In Between Mates

In Spanish, entre mate y mate refers to the stories that are shared in a circle of friends while drinking the infusion. The person who has the mate, always makes a pause in the conversation, sip the mate and pass it back to the cebador before continuing with the conversation. Everyone else will patiently wait and keep listening while themselves sip from the mate when it's their turn. The conversation then takes place, in between mates: entre mate y mate.

MySQL Mates

This refers to a different topic. This blog will be mostly about MySQL but, as I have been doing for while, I will cover topics and packages that are part of the MySQL ecosysten. In the past I have posted articles about MySQL Sandbox, ZRM for MySQL and SphinxSE as well as topics that, although not MySQL specific, they affect it in one way or another. In short, MySQL companions or "mates".

This blog is intended then as a conversation between you, reader and myself. I don't pretend to know everything and I expect to learn from your comments.

See you around.

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