Friday, October 22, 2010

MySQL Enterprise Backup and The Meaning of Included

During the MySQL Users Conference, Edward Screven did a keynote presentation that made many of us feel warm and fuzzy about Oracle's future plans for MySQL. If you advance 16m 25s into the presentation, it even gives something to rejoice the MySQL Enterprise customers: "Backup is now included". He didn't say much more after that. Asking around at the conference the days following this announcement, I couldn't get a straight answer about when and how would it be available for existing customers.

Now, 6 months later (give or take a couple of weeks), the MySQL Enterprise Features page has no signs of the now included MySQL Enterprise Backup (the utility previously known as InnoDB Hot Backup) and there has been no other news supporting Edward's announcement anywhere else (if I'm wrong, please point to it with a comment).

Has anybody any insight about what the definition of included is according to Oracle's dictionary? Maybe it's not included for existing customers and it will be when Oracle comes out with the new price list? This last statement will surely make existing customers pretty unhappy.

Maybe there was no reason to feel warm and fuzzy after all. What is your take on this particular issue?


  1. now included:

  2. Hi Santo,

    Yes, I saw the announcements, however it doesn't add anything new to fully clarify whether or not existing MySQL Enterprise subscribers can get it without additional cost or not. I'm working on it and as soon as I have confirmation one way or another, I'll write a follow up article with the results.

    Thanks for the feedback.